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Farm Gate Podcast: The Carbon Cowboys

In this podcast, ffinlo Costain talks to Carbon Cowboys producer and director, Peter Byck. Carbon Cowboys is series of 10 films about regenerative agriculture and adaptive multi-paddock grazing. They demonstrate the enormous potential of this model of land use and introduce us to some remarkable stories. Peter Byck is a film-maker and Professor of Practice at Arizona State University, where he's leading a multi-million dollar research project focused on regenerative grazing, soil health & soil carbon storage.

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Wisconsin Public Radio: The Benefits Of Regenerative Grazing

Allen Williams, Rancher in Mississippi and Alabama, Joyce Farms and BDA Farm. Photo courtesy of carbon cowboys

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A new documentary series looks at the way farmers in multiple locations are turning to managed grazing for their cows for a host of reasons, including capturing more carbon and retaining more water in the soil. We talk to the filmmaker behind the series, as well as a Wisconsin farmer who runs an organization training apprentices on this type of work.

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  • Oklahoma Farm Report

Road to Rural Prosperity: Carbon Cowboys, Deborah Clark on Grazing Strategies, and the New Docuseries Featuring Farmers

oklahoma farm reportThe latest Episode of our Road to Rural Prosperity takes us A Little South of the Red River where we find KC Sheperd talking with Deborah Clark, a rancher from North Texas, who tells her “On average, we’re producing between a 100 and 120 pounds of beef per acre. Our neighbors’, and the county average is somewhere between 40 and 50. That’s a telling number.”

Deborah explains the way that she and her husband Emry Birdwell operate their 14,000 acre ranch- they will move their herd multiple times a day to allow them to eat the very best grass and to allow that grass to not be overgrazed.

Deborah and Emry have been featured in a documentary series called the Carbon Cowboys, A new documentary series of short films about ground-breaking farmers who have invented a new way to graze their animals.

— source article: oklahoma farm report  (Episode 37)

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Prairie Public Radio: peter byck and "carbon cowboys" - storycorps connect

peter byck audio interview on Prairie Public Radio - 5.20.20

“carbon cowboys'' is a new documentary series about farmers who have reduced carbon emissions with regenerative grazing. Filmmaker Peter Byck joins us. And with the pandemic, he reports that the farmers he profiled have seen increased sales, since they often market direct to consumers. Among the farmers featured is Gabe Brown of Browns Ranch near Bismarck. ~~~ Harvest Public Media reports on the prospect of disposing of hogs that can’t make it to market. ~~~ Public’s Tim Wollenzien of Prairie Public’s education division joins us to talk about StoryCorps Connect, which quickly developed new technology to continue the gathering of loved one interviews during the time of pandemic. The audio and a still photo from each interview goes into the archive at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, a part of American history for future generations. ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay about mink.

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